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Product Overview
The car desAIgner,
the first specific design assistant for the automotive sector.

Keep total accurate control over your generated solutions. Empower your design team with superpowers: designers will become more relevant and more effective in their jobs.

Why use the car desAIgner 
Support managers and designers augmenting their capabilities to gain faster and more accurate insights and to avoid decision making bottlenecks. Use the design methodology as an effective and sustainable tool for automobile creators.

· Speed up conceptual and creative design phases, from months to hours. Augment the quality of your products by exploring the meanings of your creations. Be responsible for them.

Time freed up from traditional process
· Allow designers to evolve freeing them from their black boxes lockdowns. Give them the power to think beyond cosmetic solutions, to think more about the reasons, motivations and implications behind their creations: expect new forms of expression.
· Generate and tune your design proposals by revealing potential hidden data features, based on the analysis of a wide range of permutations and combinations of accurately curated massive datasets.
Increase in Production

· To support the design process to become an inclusive, collective and democratizing tool that understands creation in a more conscious and sustainable way. A contemporary way of managing creativity. 

Our assistant analyzes the industry's historical data and learns your personal taste as a designer over time, supporting you with automatically generated solutions according to the project's needs and personal taste.
Once the recommendations are generated, the tool allows interaction with the models: Keep semi-automatically control or get total freedom.
Stay tuned. Allow senior designers to stay always fresh while support young designers with critical expertise to mature, acting like seniors from day one. Designers will always be relevant and more effective at their jobs.
Our creative assistant tool brings an virtual interface to communicate with your team and seamless integration to your current information workflows.
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